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The Lodge

The Lodge is a multi-purpose facility, ideal for meetings, training sessions, and now fully equipped with a widescreen, High-Definition, Dolby Surround cinema! 

There are so many possibilities with this versatile building, a place for leaders to use during a camp or event, somewhere for formal meetings, functions or presentations, or the perfect venue for a movie night or matinee whilst on camp or for a special evening visit!

The Lodge has a kitchenette equipped with water boiler and microwave for making drinks and snacks (popcorn essential!).

As with all of our buildings free Wifi is available.

The building also contains some of our local scouting memorabilia, so that you can immerse yourself in some scouting history, or you can browse our selection of classic scouting publications.

Technical Information

Ceiling mounted HD projector

Wall mounted widescreen format screen (powered)

5.1 Surround speaker system

Blu-ray/DVD player

Wall mounted inputs : HDMI / VGA / Composite Video (yellow RCA plug) / 3.5mm Audio

Connecting cables provided : HDMI / HDMI MINI / HDMI MICRO / VGA / Composite Video (RCA Plug) / 3.5mm Audio