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VACANCY : Office Assistant

Bushy Wood Activity Centre is recruiting!

We are looking to recruit a new member of part-time staff to help support the operation of our dynamic activity centre.


The Office Assistant role will be responsible for assisting the Centre Manager with the day-to-day operation of the centre, with a particular focus on administrative functions, but will also provide assistance with social media and marketing activities.

The position is a hybrid part-time role on a fixed term contract, the majority of the time it will be remote working, with occasional working on site when required for meetings, training, and support to large events.

This new role is being introduced to provide additional administrative support to the Activity Centre and is offered as a fixed term contract to enable the organisation to assess whether it fits the needs of the operation in practice, the post holder will have the opportunity to help shape how the role develops.


Part-time workingon an initial fixed term contract of 12 months
Hybrid workingdefault is remote working unless attendance on site is required as outlined
12 hours a weeksplit up as 3 x 4 hour working sessions across a 7 day week
£11.50 per hour(National Living Wage is at £11.44 for over 21’s as of April 2024)


If you are interested in applying for the role then please complete the application form on this page.

If you would like more information or wish to discuss the role, please use the contact form.

The closing date for applications is Sunday 5th May 2024.

The full role specification can be viewed on this link;

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Closing date is Sunday 5th May 2024.