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Hiking Directions

Bushy Wood is well positioned to take advantage of hiking in the local area, with footpaths nearby that lead onto the wider footpath network.

Hiking in to and out of Bushy is straightforward, but visitors are asked to ensure that they only use the official entrances, access is not permitted through our neighbour’s land, and climbing our fences at any point is both unnecessary and unwarranted, it often causes damage both to the fences and those climbing over them !

The two official entrances are;

Main gate access from A22, either reached by walking alongside the main A22 (the verge is very wide so this is safer than it might sound), or via the footpath that runs along the eastern edge of Bushy from Arlington Road West.

‘Knockhatch’ gate, accessed from the private drive to Knockhatch, this route gives the safest and most ready access to the neighbouring footpath network