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Air Rifles

Our Air Rifle Range is a 10-metre facility and meets all the NSRA regulations for this type of activity.

It has a covered shooting point and we use break barrel BSA Meteor MK 7 and Gamo Junior Hunter .177 air rifles (or equivalent).

We can accommodate six shooters at any one time, with others waiting under the supervision of group leaders, but numbers can be altered at the discretion of the instructor and reduced if other equipment is being used, or special circumstances demand this.

The minimum age for shooting is 8, in compliance with the recommendations within Scout Policy, Organisation & Rules.


By booking this activity you as a group leader accept responsibility for ensuring that all participants under the age of 18 have provided to you any approval form or electronic declaration that is required by your organisation.


If you are operating the range yourself then you must hold the minimum qualification of NSRA YPS Instructor, NSRA Club Coach or NSRA Range Conducting Officer.

*Buzz Active is a non-profit service under East Sussex County Council that looks to provide affordable outdoor activities for the whole community. They run nationally accredited sessions, taught by qualified instructors. Instructed sessions are delivered under their insurance as a third-party provider and are subject to their policies, terms and conditions.